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With ICAO Document 9859 already mandated, FAA AC 120-92a, and 2012 EASA mandates, aviation safety management will no longer be an option for your flight organization. Even without federal mandates, a transportation or aviation safety management program (SMS) is vital not only for your security, but also for the continuity of business operations and confidence in your organization. It's just good business.

Baldwin became the only IS-BAO registered SMS implementor in 2007 followed by Stage II registration in 2010; and successfully completed its third audit based on IS-BAO standards for Stage III criteria in 2013.  In 2012, Baldwin continued leading the way by becoming the first IS-BAO Safety Support Affiliate (SSA).  These ambitious endeavors assure our clients of a quality safety management system and, if they so choose, the ability to efficiently become IS-BAO registered in just 3-4 months at a cost savings of nearly 70%.

Our E-A-S-Y (Efficient; Accurate; Secure; Yet Affordable) safety management programs include not only the most advanced technology available today but the support of credentialed, experienced staff.  Think of us as the "Techno-Human Solution".  Our SMS programs are flexible and are designed to meet the needs of YOUR organization:

  • SMSprime (Full Service Safety Management Program) offers more than just a stand-alone SMS program for the fixed wing, rotor, FBO, ground operations, maritime and other communities.  Baldwin's comprehensive one-stop program includes customized online aviation Manuals (operations; SMS; emergency response; international, maintenance), customized risk assessments, internal audits and other forms, real-time web-based customized reporting, and technologically advanced safety tools such as the Safety Pulse® that monitors organization safety trends and the Safety Lab® and Excelerator® that enable our clients to create real-time safety reports in just minutes based on all their custom forms.  Custom forms may also be created for our clients.  As your safety guide, there is never a charge for discussions and advice. Credentialed, experienced staff is available to support and guide your organization 24/7.

    Insurance industry leaders have reviewed and support our programs, and Baldwin clients have reported experiencing “significant” reductions in their insurance premiums. 
  • SMSplus™ was designed for those organizations that have already implemented some of the components of a complete Safety Management Program, but are lacking the additional tools and/or SMS manual that close the loop by monitoring and tracking safety related information. SMSplus™ can be up and running in your flight organization in less than a week.  If you are also in need of FDM and/or ERP, these programs are optional and may be combined with SMSplus™ or SMSlite™.
  • SMSlite™ was initially developed to support IS-BAO registered operators with easy-to-use, affordable, paperless tools that would provide the means to monitor, track and report safety related information.  It quickly became apparent that rotorwing, EMS, airports, Part 135 and IS-BAO registered operators could also benefit from our web-based program and support.
  • SMSace specifically focuses on the Owners/Operators of Light Business Aircraft; providing them with a unique set of tools for a structured safety program at a very reasonable cost.

Baldwin is neither a consulting nor management company. Instead, our combined century of business aviation experience enables us to confidently mentor and support your flight organization. From our Safety Gauge® program for new or evolving flight organizations to our safetysherpa® long term mentoring program, Baldwin helps you reach the highest level of safety quickly and affordably.

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