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When clients move from other Safety vendors to Baldwin, the consistent message we hear is “Because of Baldwin, everyone is now engaged”  

Supported by a team of highly experienced and credentialed aviation safety experts, Baldwin's core business is Safety.  Considered by the industry as the leader in safety management, we continuously expands our safety programs and related business solutions to remain in the leadership position.


Baldwin's mission is to meet the needs of YOUR organization by developing easy-to-use, intuitive programs that provide TRUE customization for a comprehensive and supportive safety system and user experience.  Serving nearly 20,000 users, Baldwin has a reputation for beyond-the-call-of-duty customer service.


Baldwin is an IS-BAO and IS-BAH Support Affiliate registered company, selected to support the Southern California Safety Share program and the University of Southern California Viterbi Safety Management program, further validating Baldwin's leadership position in the SMS industry.  

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Interested in having your organization participate in the ASIAS/ASAP or FDM/FOQA program?  Contact us for details on any of these programs! 


“I also wanted to note that the last few weeks have been a joy working with your employees. Everyone I have interacted with have been professional, and quick to act. It has been an absolute eye opening experience compared to the last system we used, and our safety program is moving forward at a great pace thanks to all Baldwin’s help. [Safety Officer - Public Safety]

"Great job all those involved with keeping the [software] continually and impressively improving!" 

"In summary, Baldwin is more than an SMS program for our operation, it’s our trackable/archivable communication tool for our organization. It’s a smart pivot point for all communications - organization-wide." 


"Good afternoon. We had an IS-BAO stage II audit and received our Stage II certification, with no findings or weak areas to correct at all. We as a department are proud of reaching this milestone on the way to Stage III certification. Baldwin was of great help in allowing us to accomplish this major milestone. Thanks from all of us."  February 2018

ER ALERT – Baldwin's ER ALERT service provides an organization the ability to alert teams of an accident, incident or other event. The ALERT can activate for

either an actual event or a drill, each of which has distinct workflows.

Key elements of the ER Alert include:

  • One place to manage and document an event

  • Automatically creates an event and action log

  • All key elements set up in advance

  • Notifications by email, phone, and text messaging

  • Team check-in function

  • Checklists set up in advance and assignable to specific individuals

  • Access for external emergency support providers

  • Can help satisfy IS-BAO 4.1.4 (b&c) as well as 4.3.1 and 4.3.3

The feature automatically captures activities and actions and provides a

report upon conclusion of the event. 

Interested in on-site Training, Gap Analysis, or pre-Audit preparation?  Contact us for details on any of these programs! 


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