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When clients move from other Safety vendors to Baldwin, the consistent message we hear is “Because of Baldwin, everyone is now engaged”.  

Supported by a team of highly experienced and credentialed aviation safety experts, Baldwin's core business is Safety.  Considered by the industry as the leader in safety management, Baldwin continuously expands its safety programs and related business solutions to remain in the leadership position.


Baldwin's mission is to meet the needs of YOUR organization by developing easy-to-use, intuitive programs that provide TRUE customization for a comprehensive and supportive safety system and user experience.  Serving nearly 20,000 Users, Baldwin has a reputation for beyond-the-call-of-duty customer service.


Baldwin is an IS-BAO and IS-BAH Support Affiliate registered company that was selected to support the Southern California Safety Share program and the University of Southern California Viterbi Safety Management program, further validating Baldwin's leadership position in the SMS industry.  

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Interested in having your organization participate in the ASIAS/ASAP or FDM/FOQA program?  Contact us for details on any of these programs! 


"Great job all those involved with keeping the [software] continually and impressively improving!" 

"In summary, Baldwin is more than an SMS program for our operation, it’s our trackable/archivable communication tool for our organization. It’s a smart pivot point for all communications - organization-wide."  July 2018


"Good afternoon. I’m in class this week at corporate headquarters but wanted to give you a quick rundown. We had an IS-BAO stage II audit and received our Stage II certification, with no findings or weak areas to correct at all. We as a department are proud of reaching this milestone on the way to Stage III certification. Baldwin was of great help in allowing us to accomplish this major milestone. Thanks from all of us."  February 2018


"Recently we encountered a serious fueling hazard that could have developed into a catastrophe if not properly mitigated. Our line technician filed his Safety Report immediately...... That filing resulted in timely management notification through the Baldwin system. Our manager read the short description on his mobile device and, recognizing the severity of the event, stepped in. As a result, the risks were reduced to almost zero. During the reconstruction of the incident we became convinced that, without the Baldwin system, we might not have been as effective in our response.   It works!!"  Safety Officer - Charter/FBO - Feb 2018

We've pulled together an amazing team of safety professionals to support and guide you 24/7     learn more

Nothing says it like our clients do. We've received countless unsolicited testimonials     read more

From small organizations to Fortune 50s, Baldwin supports a diverse group of clients.  Our Small Flight Department program is specifically designed for 1-2 asset operation. Our EngageSafety™  program is specifically designed for Enterprise level solutions to collect, monitor and mitigate hazard data across company divisions.


Recently, we launched new or enhanced tools and programs such as the Safety Performance Monitoring Program......read more!.  Baldwin continues to develop groundbreaking benefits such as the Status Board, Emergency Response Center, and Audit Manager.....read more!


With the SPIwizard™, clients can now customize Safety Performance Indicators (SPI) that filter into Baldwin's QuickRiskSafety Profile. The QRSP includes the Hazard Risk Register, SPIs and other key safety performance data at your fingertips. 


All data is then funneled to Baldwin's exclusive Safety Monitor™ to provide a snapshot of the organization's engagement in each of the 4 components of a Safety Management Program.

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