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Check out what others are saying about Baldwin! 

Director of Safety, Corporate Flight - "Please pass on my "many thanks", to your support team.  By virtue of their excellent support and service, our Flight Department, excelled in the recent IS-BAO Level 2 Audit.  There is no doubt that [your team] is not only motivated, but enjoy the job.  When I have submitted a "Support Request" or made a call, I have always gotten a timely reply......... there are not enough words to convey my thanks.  Good job, I tip my hat to all at Baldwin.  "

Director of Safety, Part 121 - "I am really impressed with  the flexibility of your system and the willingness to roll with the changes. SMS is still very much a work in progress at the FAA level as much as on the operator level, so we are all in a constant state of change.

We are getting more and more usage out of the system, and more employees are using it. Company communications are getting better all the time."


Director of Safety, Charter Operator - "Baldwin has proven to be not only a very valuable to tool to us internally, but also when it comes to audits. And the reason Baldwin is such a valuable tool is primarily due to the people that support Baldwin--your customer service, and customization of the system to make it work for our company--are what makes it all come together. "

Director of Ops, Fortune 500 

"Once again, thanks for all your team does for us. You make safety easy….well a heck of a lot easier, especially for the small operators."  

IS-BAO Auditor

“The finest program that I have seen anywhere, bar none.  I know when I arrive at a Baldwin client that they will be prepared, be believers in SMS and will be regularly reducing risk in their operations.”

Aviation Director, Fortune 500

"When we first met to discuss our desire to partner with Baldwin for our SMS program, I truly did not fully appreciate the depth and true value that your program would bring to our flight department.

Last ISBAO inspection, which we prepped on our own, we were “barely” qualified ....... to retain standards at Level One.  Through our new partnership ..... the Baldwin team and [our] flight department, we recently completed our second attempt at Level Two ISBAO certification and achieved high recommendation ........with ZERO findings noted by the evaluators.

This astounding change simply could not have been achieved without our partnership with you, your professional team and the highly comprehensive total Baldwin program."

Chief Pilot, East Coast

"I really can’t say enough about the service that Baldwin provides.  While the portal depends on the input and engagement of our team members in the SMS process, it certainly makes my job a lot easier knowing that I can go to one place for all of our metrics!"

Aviation Director, West Coast

"Baldwin [was] extremely flexible to our situation and needs and have helped us reach our goal of becoming a 'world class' small flight department. And, their influence and involvement continues. We couldn't have done this without Baldwin."

Director of Operations, FAR 135

"There is no way we could ever have imagined getting the IS-BAO certification without the tools, guidance and support from Baldwin Aviation."

Aviation Director, West Coast

"We analyzed, assessed and evaluated the program to be a far superior model than what we were currently utilizing."  

Aviation Director, West Coast

"Baldwin (was) extremely flexible to our situation and needs and have helped us reach our goal of becoming a “world class” small flight department. And, their influence and involvement continues. We couldn’t have done this without Baldwin.” 

Aviation Director, Mid-Atlantic

“We just closed the exit briefing from our IS-BAO Audit.  The auditors rated us Stage Three, with no findings or observations.  They included a ton of praise for the Baldwin system in their references, and without the system , we never would have attained such a rating."

Safety Officer, West Coast Helicopter

"After evaluating several companies, Baldwin Aviation was chosen. This SMS Company offered a complete program which could be tailored to our operation. Adoption of the Baldwin SMS operation allowed us to make changes as we felt necessary to our specific missions. Not every company is alike and one size does not fit all. By that I mean you as the operator have the final word on changes that best suit the way you conduct your business. That being said, Baldwin will provide suggestions that assist you in the development of your safety program."

Safety Director, DOD Contractor

"The auditors expressed they had never seen such an outstanding SMS program."

Chief Pilot, Fortune 100

"The liability and potential cost of not being involved in a meaningful program was far greater than the cost of Baldwin's program."

Safety Director, FAR 135

"With support from....the Baldwin team I began to realize i wasn't swimming' alone....[they] worked to customize their program to fit our specific needs."

Safety Officer, Medical Transport

"I have seen great strides in safety culture improvement since we brought on the Baldwin site for people to use." 

Chief Pilot, East Coast

"It isn't often I feel compelled to write an unsolicited note on behalf of a Company, or its Principals. I would suggest to any flight department, regardless of size and scope, to implement unified programs such as Global SM4, and Baldwin Safety Systems."  

COO, Management Co., Asia

"We would not have achieved the same level of success without it and within the next 60 days we will undergo an IS-BAO audit followed by another comprehensive audit from a European Institution. The Baldwin Safety and Compliance Program has proven itself a leader in the industry.  In addition to its ongoing challenges to mitigate risks while assisting us to meet or exceed our operational goals, it's a marketing tool.  Whenever a prospective client has a demonstration for what is defined as the nucleus of our operations, it's a hands down win-win!!" 

Business Aviation Consultant

"In my research I found Baldwin Aviation to be a respected leader in their field with a sterling reputation and a great deal of experience developing and improving flight departments. I feel that their fees are reasonable and they offer a complete package of services that will meet the highest standards in the industry." 

Aviation Insurance Company

"Neither the underwriter nor I have seen a better system to date.  It wil prove helpful when we negotiate the renewal of our insurance program later this year."

Aviation Director, West Coast

"Hey Baldwin Team,

We passed!  We were able to maintain our Stage 2 Cert with very little difficulty, and by all accounts that is in GREAT account to your support and ability to help us on short notice.  We really couldn’t have done it without you.

Over the years, we have worked close with you quite a bit, and I never get over how much your team is able to accomplish......
Thanks for helping and thank you for all the support!  Please pass our gratitude on to the rest of the group."

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