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World Class Alliances in Supporting Safety


Baldwin is privileged to have established alliances with leaders in transportation services.  Providing a wide range of benefits and support through discounts, interfaces and packages, Baldwin aims to facilitate managing safety related systems.

As a Global Aerospace partner in the SM4 program, Baldwin plays an active role in supporting Global's clients in delivering proven, efficient safety programs, collaborative manual/document management software, and experienced, credentialed staff.  From single pilot operations to Fortune 50 large organizations, Baldwin's scalable programs support clients with 100's of aircraft and thousands of Users.

Baldwin's pioneering agreement with Mitre and FAA allows Baldwin to serve as a gateway for its clients to share relevant safety information with the FAA’s Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) program. The ASIAS Executive Board has approved the first protocol providing the opportunity for literally thousands of business aviation operators to input safety data through a single entry point—Baldwin Aviation—much the same as more than 60 airlines and business operators do through the program that is ongoing between the aviation community, FAA, and MITRE, a not-for-profit organization that operates research and development centers sponsored by the federal government.


Baldwin is a World Fuel | Colt Resource partner. Together, we provide customized SMS integrated with Global Trip Support. World Fuel | Colt is a leading provider of Flight Operation Solutions including Global Trip Support, Contract Fuel, AVCARD Charge Card, FlyBuys Rewards and Insurance. consolidates over 60 unique aviation related topics into programs for all personnel in fixed- and rotary-wing operations, and manages the online training process. is pleased to support Baldwin Aviation’s IS-BAO based risk management Safety Co-Op Program with a customized core training program.  Designed for single aircraft operations, Baldwin's Safety Co-Op clients now also benefit from a package of core CBT programs at a discounted price with an option for additional course offerings.


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