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For All Your Data Sharing Needs!



Baldwin has simplified solutions

to help meet FAA requirements.

Fixed-Wing & NEW Rotor-Wing

  • All ASAP submissions are completely managed within secure portals with unique secure logins for each Pilot, Safety Manager, and External/Internal Reviewer 

  • Supports real-time participation by all participants

  • Full auditing capabilities for all submission changes 

  • Enables ASAP Reviewer involvement to promote internal and external participation in review process

  • Real-time configurable notifications (email, in-app notifications) for all participants

  • Sensitive data is shown only to necessary ASAP participant role to target sensitive data exposure to appropriate audiences

  • Optimized and secure views for pilots, safety managers and ASAP Reviewers

  • ASAP Forms are fully customizable, which means our ASAP Forms not only meet industry requirements, but also exceed them by allowing us to configure the system for each company's unique workflow, data gathering and data reporting requirements.

If you wish to voluntarily share relevant safety information with the FAA's Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) program, you can do so using your Baldwin data. Baldwin will compile and transmit the approved, deidentified data on your behalf for further analysis.

Learn more about the new R-ASIAS program HERE

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