SMSprime- Baldwin's End-to-End SMS Program

In addition to the future FAA mandate for non-commercial operations, Canada, Europe (EASA), New Zealand, Australia, Bermuda, Cayman Islands and Africa currently require - or are in the process of mandating - safety systems for business aircraft.  All of these countries recognize IS-BAO as an accepted compliance program.  


Baldwin's comprehensive subscription program provides continuous support throughout the safety management implementation phase and thereafter.  The SMSprime™ program also includes preparation for IS-BAO audits and support before/during/after the IS-BAO implementation phases.  Our programs don't stop after your audit.  We are your partner in supporting your document and safety programs into the future.


Some of the other benefits of the SMSprime™  program are:


  • Think of Baldwin as your Safety Support Team.  Our highly credentialed staff is available to guide and assist you every step of the way.

  • Baldwin's Signature Suite of Customized Manuals include ERP, Operations, SMS, Maintenance; International; Training; Flight Attendant; etc.

  • Baldwin's new proprietary interactive document management program SAVVYdoc™ makes manual management easy.

  • Provides timely delivery of Operational Messages, automatic notification of changes and updates to Operations Manual and ERP, and advanced notice of regulatory changes.

  • Simplifies compliance to FAA, ICAO, ACSF and IS-BAO regulations, standards, and practices

  • A suite of forms (Risk Assessments, Safety Reports, Internal Audits, Quality Management, Change Management, Policy Waiver), etc. customized to meet the needs of your organization.

  • Our Safety Lab™ provides the capability to create real-time reports reflecting your specific customized forms in order to quickly and efficiently monitor safety trends in your organization.

  • Annual proprietary Safety Culture Survey to assess the safety culture in your organization


  • Custom forms unique to your organization may be developed.

  • Safety meetings and safety library.

  • Includes JetDesk™ 24-hour help line providing expertise in operations, maintenance, safety and more (optional on-site visits).

  • DateTracker™ compliance date tracking system with notifications/reminders for personnel, organization and assets.

  • Clients may elect to subscribe to a highly customized aviation/corporation Emergency Response Plan through our partnership with world-class Emergency Response provider.

  • Provides significant benefits to the entire organization, including the flight department.

  • Never a charge for discussions and advice.

  • Everything you need for a quality SMS Program!


For one aircraft and 4 or less department members, our SAFETY CO-OP™ program provides everything needed for a comprehensive program.  For those not needing our full subscription program, we offer SMSplus™ or SMSlite™ for easy implementation in less than a week.  

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