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Safety Performance Monitoring Program

Even as the value of an SMS grows worldwide, many organizations are seeking options to simplify the implementation process and to validate their safety management practices in an efficient and cost-effective way.


While IS-BAO or IS-BAH registration and other audit standards are a good way to validate SMS implementation, these standards require the organization to conform to many other quality management domains, the SMS being one of them. Baldwin’s Safety Performance Monitoring Program is based on ICAO and FAA Part 5 to conform with worldwide safety management systems with the intent to support conformity to standards such as IS-BAO, IS-BAH, BASC, etc.


Baldwin’s Safety Performance Monitoring Program (SPMP) is a structured, non-complex approach that utilizes contemporary virtual technology in lieu of an on-site audit. Baldwin’s reputation rests on the Statement of Compliance being an honest and thorough assessment, by an industry certified safety professional, of the organization’s SMS maturity. This is accomplished via a web-based evaluation of the SMS and related activities to include a review of the operator’s documents and utilization of the online safety tools.


Once conformity with the requirements of the SPMP and SMS principles has been established, a formal letter will be issued to the operator stating their commitment to implementing and maintaining a Safety Management System. The letter will be renewed on a schedule based on the maturity of the operator’s SMS and contingent upon the completion of the program requirements during the renewal period.


For more information about the program and an outline of the expectations of SPMP Statement of Conformity holders, contact us 843.342.5434 or Click Here!

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