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QMS/SMS - Progressive Monitoring

Where SMS focuses on safety, QMS focuses on the products and services across an organization


Baldwin's QMS/SMS work together to provide the tools and means to meet global quality standards.  Designed to satisfy the needs of a large and small organizations, Baldwin's solution is scalable, flexible, easy to manage, and provides the opportunity for any organization to monitor risk and compliance across the entire organization. 


"QMS is a formal process used to review a company's operations, products, and services to identify areas of potential quality improvement.......To incorporate a quality management system, think of operations as processes that you must improve. Quality is not a one-off result, so, to achieve it, you must focus on continuous improvement in all processes. The steps you take to improve quality must be evidence-based. You also must hold suppliers to high standards when it comes to satisfying requirements. Most importantly, focus on your customers -- their requirements, perceptions, and needs."


Baldwin utilizes proprietary software to create customized QMS tools to support any size operation.  These tools include, for example, Customer Service Reports, Internal Audits,  Process Management, Employee Feedback, Efficiency Reports, etc.  The extensive reporting capabilities maintain a high level of transparency to keep leadership and staff informed.  Call us today for more information:  888.222.2112 or 843.342.5434 or Click HERE to be contacted!



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