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Internal Evaluation Program - IEP

The Baldwin Internal Evaluation Program (IEP) offering is a fresh, new way to evaluate your organization holistically. In your current IEP, do you get tired of using the same standards? Does your IEP lack regulatory guidance to ensure prescriptive controls are in place? The Baldwin IEP service helps you to get a multi-faceted look at your organization to ensure defenses are in place by drawing on several different regulatory and best industry practice sources. The FAA recommends that IEPs should be performed on a no greater than 3-year cycle (cf. AC 120-59B, 2018), but Baldwin’s IEP service is structured on a 24-month cycle to provide higher resolution and engagement. These 10-15

question audits are delivered to your portal for completion every month. This allows you to look at your organization frequently using short, to-the-point audits to ensure required and recommended risk controls are in place.

  • Curated monthly audits posted to your portal

  • Detailed audit guidance from Baldwin's Safety SME's

  • Supporting language to place in the organization’s SMS manual

  • Feedback provided on aggregate IEP results

Participating organizations will have a curated audit delivered to their portal every month. Baldwin’s IEP product is a carefully crafted audit product that allows organizations to take a multi-faceted approach to evaluating their internal processes and procedures. Each question was mindfully selected from a vast collection of resources to challenge and improve the organization. Baldwin is providing this at no cost to give back to the industry through leveraging responses in identifying common gaps in organizations. At Baldwin, we are passionate about the safety of flight operations.

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