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IS-BAO / IS-BAH Simplementation in 8 - 12 Weeks

With Baldwin's efficient "Simplementation" program, your organization can be IS-BAO / IS-BAH registered in as few as 8-12 weeks. Baldwin has the technological tools and resources available to support small to large organizations in obtaining conformity to IS-BAH or IS-BAO.  Coupled with our proprietary technology to collect, monitor and analyze safety data, we have available customizable manuals that meet regulatory standards and industry best practices:  Safety Management, Operations, Maintenance, Emergency Response Plan.


Experienced and credentialed personnel are available to guide our clients to IS-BAH or IS-BAO registration while our program significantly reduces the cost and time of implementation.   A number of staff members have IS-BAH, IS-BAO and University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering’s Safety & Security program training to support and guide our clients.  Baldwin is a registered International Standards Support Services Affiliate (I3SA) for IS-BAO and IS-BAH.  


 Give us a call to learn more about IS-BAO/IS-BAH implementation:  888.222.2112 (US/Canada) or 843.342.5434 (International)

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