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The THOUGHT LEADER in Safety Management

Safety Management Resources

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SMS Guide

This 10-Step Guide can help your organization establish an effective safety management system with robust analysis, mitigation development, monitoring, and reporting.

SMS VP Guide

Learn more about the FAA's voluntary SMS program and how you can get started.

UAS Guide

Helpful information to start a safety management program for your drone operation.


Keep up with what’s new and best practices in the realm of transportation safety management and reporting. Jason Starke, Ph.D. will help you learn more about healthy and robust safety cultures in aviation and transportation organizations.


New to Safety Management and looking for a simple explanation of what SMS is? Check out our video!

SMS in 2 Minutes

The Benefits of SMS

Learn the 'why' of SMS in this short video including the benefits of a safety management system and what the SMS needs from you. 

White Papers:

2021 white paper art.png

In this white paper, Safety Culture Survey: Measuring Your Organization's Safety Engagement, Jason Starke, Ph.D. explains safety culture as an attribute of organizational culture, how organizations can evaluate their safety culture, and actions that can be taken to improve the safety culture within the organization. 

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