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Safety Culture Survey

The safety culture of an organization has been described as the atmosphere in which the

safety management system lives and breathes. No matter how well structured the SMS

processes and procedures, if the atmosphere is toxic, the SMS will die.


Therefore, measuring your organization’s safety culture should be something that is done

on a regular basis to determine if you have the atmosphere for your SMS to thrive.

Additionally, measuring your safety culture provides the data necessary to establish lead

indicators for potential problems and make subsequent decisions on culture improvement. However, developing your own survey is challenging or if you decide to use one of the many safety culture instruments on the web, it is hard to know which one is useful and will provide the data your organization needs.

Baldwin Safety and Compliance can make this easy for you. We have developed a robust safety culture measurement instrument based on research from Reason and Diaz-Cabrera that measure across six aspects of safety culture, including safety leadership. We take care of everything from the construction of the online survey, dissemination instructions, analysis, and report generation. We even archive your results in a secure database for benchmarking against future surveys with your organization. 

We have two versions to fit your needs which includes a Lite version (SPMP clients) that provides the essential metrics, and a Full version that provides an in-depth analysis, including an analysis of your portal activity (Baldwin clients only), and a path forward.

Safety Culture Survey Lite (Safety Performance Monitoring Program Baldwin Clients only)

  • Overall safety culture score so cultural maturity can be benchmarked.

  • Clear explanation for the meaning of each safety culture factor.

  • Quantifiable scores across the different factors of safety culture.

  • Analysis of each factor taking into account the scores and open-ended responses.

  • Synopsis on employee engagement with the SMS.

Safety Culture Survey & Report

All the items listed in the Safety Culture Survey Lite offering plus:

  • Explanations on how each safety culture factor is manifested in your organization.

  • Analysis and comparison of the safety culture within various departments.

  • A “going forward plan” to encourage growth and sustainability across your organization.


Don’t guess if your SMS is being supported by an appropriate culture, find out today!  CLICK HERE


Image by Lukas Blazek
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