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Safety Gauge™ - The True Test of enGAUGEment!


BALDWIN LAUNCHES “Safety Gauge™” TO QUANTIFY SAFETY PERFORMANCE Innovative Tool measures across all components of a Safety Management System.  Determining the effectiveness of any safety management system has been subjective at best, until now. Multiple audits result in differing opinions on the same operation. Quantifiably measuring safety performance is now a reality.


Baldwin has spent significant resources and time developing algorithms that produce a quantifiable "Safety Gauge™". Based on a balanced and effective safety management system, Safety Gauge™ looks at each of the four components and elements of a safety management system and provides quantifiable measurements of Safety Policy, Risk Management, Safety Assurance and Promotion. Each and every month is measured, tracked and documented to provide definitive information that an auditor, customer and most importantly, the operator can use to assess their performance. Each SMS component (Policy, Risk Management, Assurance and Promotion) is measured and scored. Measurement data is collected throughout the system and linked to specific SMS components and elements. KPI/SPIs measure very specific safety data points; whereas, Safety Gauge™ looks at the entire SMS to determine how effective an organization is performing overall.


This feature will be an essential part of Baldwin's Safety Performance Monitoring Program (SPMP) in order to maintain SMS conformity. Clients who subscribe to and meet the SPMP ICAO/FAA based standard are issued Baldwin’s Statement of Compliance where holders will know exactly where they stand month over month in order to quantifiably show their compliance to the SPMP program to regulators and other parties.


Compared to many industry recognized standards and other options for validating an SMS that provide a snapshot, organizations will now be able to continuously assess and quantify their SMS. Validating conformity between audits is now simplified, economized and seamless. Baldwin’s mission is to support continuous improvement of safety by providing the tools necessary to easily identify and manage risk. 





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