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At Baldwin, we tailor our Safety & Quality Management programs to meet the unique needs of your operation. Whether you're involved in Flight, Ground Operations, Ground Vehicles, Security, MRO, FBO, or UAS, our comprehensive programs are supported by our team of highly credentialed and experienced safety professionals. The advantages of Baldwin include:

  • SMS Technology providing a full suite of forms customized around YOUR operation (Internal Audits, Risk Assessments, Safety Reports, etc.)

  • 24/7 Support by credentialed and experienced safety experts - we're not just a software company!

  • Basic SMS Training via video - learn the why of SMS

  • System training for frontline & leadership

  • Free eLearning course, SMS Overview for Safety Managers, for the Safety Manager to expand their knowledge of safety management

  • Discussion Board

  • Bulletins (assign required reads)

  • Internal Evaluation Program

  • Document Drawer for uploading manuals/documents/videos

  • Limited Access for Contractors/FAA/Auditors

  • Real-time Reporting (Safety Lab™)

  • Quick Risk Safety Profile (data collection throughout system)

  • SPIwizard™ - Customized Safety Performance Indicators

  • Hazard Risk Register

  • Safety Gauge™ - Data Tracking of SMS Components

  • Status Board (track training or other date related requirements)

  • Audit Manager 

  • Safety Newsletter and Blog (monthly)

  • Safety Chats Podcast (weekly)

  • Safety Chat webinar archives

We provide services to accommodate your evolving operational needs!

Optional programs and services are available:

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