BaldwinSMS™ - Commercial


Baldwin's program are based around your operation's needs.  Commercial operations may include Flight, Touring, FBOs, and/or MROs.  Baldwin's SMS foundation for Commercial operations includes:

  • SMS Technology providing a full suite of forms - customized around YOUR operation (Internal Audits; Risk Assessments; Safety Reports; etc.)

  • Basic SMS Training (why are we doing this?) via video

  • System training

  • 24/7 support

  • Limited Access for Contractors/FAA/Auditors

  • Real-time Reporting (Safety Lab™)

  • ER ALERT Notification System

  • Quick Risk Safety Profile (data collection throughout system)

  • Hazard Risk Register

  • Safety Monitor

  • Status Board (track training or other date related requirements)

  • Audit Manager

  • Landing Zones (if rotor)

  • Bulletin Board (assign required reads)

  • Document Drawer for uploading manuals/documents/videos (unlimited)

  • Safety Newsletter (6x/year)

  • Town Hall Meetings with relevant topics

  • Reminders (new feature - coming soon!)

Baldwin's program are based around your operation's needs.

Optional programs and services are available, including:

  • FAA/ICAO Based manuals - customized for your organization utilizing Baldwin's proprietary SAVVYdoc software within the application 

    • Operations

    • SMS

    • Emergency Response

    • International

    • GMM

  • Client Manuals imported to Baldwin's SAVVYdoc™ software

  • Performance Monitoring Program (compliance more)

  • Gap Analysis / Pre-Audit Support

  • Data Import

  • External Safety Officer Program - Need support on a temporary or long term basis?  Baldwin's staff of experienced and credentialed safety professionals is available to support your organization





  • Safety Culture Survey & Report

  • IS-BAO/IS-BAH Simplementation™ 

  • Training (Advanced Safety Programs)