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The Business Approach to Safety


Through Baldwin's Aviation Intelligence methodologies, this exciting benefit brings a number of safety management functions and performance indicators into one easy-to-use system.  


Baldwin has developed an alternate means of meeting many of the IS-BAO and other standards requirements.  Safety Goals, Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs), Hazard-Risk Register (HRR) , top risk exposures and Safety Risk Profile (SRP) are presented in a logical, easily interpreted format that can be tracked and monitored.  PLUS, you can create your own Charts and customize the SPI(s) to specifically meet your organization's needs.


Technology will do the heavy lifting so your safety team can focus on safety instead of awkward administrative activities.  Just identify which safety targets your team wants to track and technology will do the work.  Simple and easy.


When the FAA and your auditors arrive, your organization's safety performance, safety trends, risks and hazards are clearly identified.  Your ability to demonstrate controls and understanding of your organization safety program will impress the auditors.  


Want to learn more about this ground-breaking approach to safety??

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