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Get it right from the start.

Obviously, safety is paramount. However, setting up a flight organization can be daunting.By serving as mentors, we use our extensive business aviation experience to help you start out safe and - just as important - stay that way. Our Safety Gauge™ program includes assessing your particular needs, working with your new aviation personnel, and then building an organization with safety as the foundation.


As part of our comprehensive, responsive turnkey flight organization start-up services, we:

  • Assess company requirements

  • Utilize our network to find, hire, and train your aviation staff

  • Set up and maintain your Safety and Quality Management Program

  • Safety Officer services / Virtual Safety Department

  • Assist with and recommend insurance providers

  • Obtain necessary permits and approvals

  • Set up facilities and processes

  • Utilize our support services through our network of partners to meet other company and flight department needs

  • Offer additional long-term support through our SafetySherpa™ mentoring program.


Helping Flight Departments Scale New Heights


Built on a foundation of providing guidance and expertise much as sherpas do for mountain climbing expeditions, Baldwin's SafetySherpa™ mentoring program supports business aviation operators with new or evolving flight departments and takes them to a new level of performance and safety compliance. Our philosophy is to work with existing personnel and "teach them to fish rather than to simply provide them with a single fish dinner."New or changing flight departments often want on-going support while they put new processes and procedures in place. Baldwin's SafetySherpa™ program is designed to provide support and mentoring based on Baldwin's extensive flight department assurance checklist. The Baldwin organization emulates a major flight department by providing resources to our clients on an as needed basis such as operations support, administrative, fiscal, maintenance, aircraft transactions, etc. Clients elect and manage the resources offered by Baldwin with on-going support through SafetySherpa™ .

Baldwin Support Services

Helping flight organizations become and continue to be safe and compliant.  Baldwin Support Services offers the following services directly or through experienced, reputable third party providers:

  • Gap Analysis

  • Pre-Audit Support

  • Advanced SMS Workshop Series

  • Safety Assurance and Safety Management Data Review

  • Safety Manager Training Workshops

  • Flight Data Management

  • Emergency Response Support

  • Flight Department Recovery

  • CBT Training programs

  • EMS Transport Safety Management and OCC Rapid Response 

  • Auditing by third party

  • Other customized services to meet your specific needs

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