Emergency Response Training and Support
It Can’t Happen To Us


In 2013 there were 20 multi-engine turbine aircraft accidents. In 2014 there were 20 multi-engine turbine aircraft accidents[1]. During these two years 40 operators faced investigations. How prepared were they?  How does not being prepared impact an operation?

How Can We Prepare with Limited Resources?


Operators with limited available resources are significantly disadvantaged when faced within an investigation. Operators experiencing an accident could have their entire flight department involved; typically leaving no properly trained aviation personnel to work with the investigators.  Preparing and providing expertise to a non-aviation employee is critical in the quality of the investigation. 

Why is this Important?


Investigative agencies have strict rules and protocols governing investigations. A thorough understanding of them is essential in order to navigate and protect company assets. Experience working within these rules and protocols often makes a significant difference in the outcome. Operators, particularly small ones, rarely have enough experience and are at a disadvantage to other parties (manufacturers, regulators and investigators).  Having expertise and a prepared plan is critical.



BaldwinSOS™*, unlike anything on the marketplace, was developed as a framework with many investigative agencies allowing experts to be advising the operator from the first day and to support the operator’s role throughout an investigation. Having real-time assistance with comprehensive expertise from BaldwinSOS™ solves the limited resource challenge, lack of experience and unfamiliarity with rules and protocols.

It Begins With Training


Having BaldwinSOS™ as in integral part of an Emergency Response Plan is the first step to being an active participant and having a voice in the conclusions reached by the investigative agencies.


Specialized training provided by BaldwinSOS™ will prepare individuals to act as the representative (Coordinator) of the operator to the investigative agency. Experts from BaldwinSOS™ provide these specially trained individuals with guidance through the process as it is happening on site and at the company offices.  BaldwinSOS™ experts can also provide first-hand support for the significantly limited resource operator.

The Solution for Limited Resource Operations


Until now, operators with limited resources have been at a huge disadvantage during an investigation.  BaldwinSOS™ is based on exclusive processes that were developed for advising and supporting limited resource operations during the critical hours, and days, following an accident.  Now there is a solution for responding as a full participant. BaldwinSOS™ is the premier company providing this critically needed service.   


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*NOTE:  BaldwinSOS™ services are also available for any size operators



[1] Brieling Report 2014