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Since 2010, Baldwin clients have benefitted from their relationship with Global Aerospace, a leading provider of insurance and risk management solutions for the aviation and aerospace industries. Over 90 years of experience has enabled us to develop customized insurance programs structured around the needs of our clients. Recognized for industry leading customer service, Global serves as the trusted partner to a diverse range of aviation businesses and their insurance brokers.

In 2016, SM4 launched the Community of Excellence to promote a new concept that would elevate the program and deliver unmatched service to the aviation industry. The Partners and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) continue to revolutionize the program to make it more visible and provide easy access to the many aviation safety benefits it provides. The Community of Excellence provides three levels of service: Level I: Complimentary industry resources, Level II: Global Aerospace client services, and Level III: Global Aerospace Elite client services.  Baldwin has developed (Level II and/or Level III) customized safety direct service(s) for Global Aerospace clients. The services are designed to help enhance and support existing safety programs.


Level 2 Program Elements (All G-A customers – no cost)

Companies must register with Baldwin in order to track of the number of enrollments that have been provided on a complimentary basis (one per company)






















1. Safety Culture Survey: An automated safety culture survey will be provided. The survey was developed with subject matter experts on SMS, human factors, polling and modeling. The results will reveal a combination of four profiles in terms of people and their behaviors. It will provide a platform for measuring and interpreting an organization’s safety culture as well as a look at how their safety culture is reflected in their applications processes. Summary follow-up report will be provided.


2. SMS Recurrent Training:  To meet ICAO/FAA and other industry standards, Baldwin will provide a live webinar training session (one per Global client) to meet this requirement. Upon completion of the training session, participants will receive a Training Certificate. At client’s request, SMS recurrent and other safety related training can be conducted onsite at a cost to be determined.


3. How To Improve Your Safety Culture: This half-day course helps organizations identify strategies for getting their existing safety culture from where it is today to where they want it to be. Baldwin’s Safety Culture Model and assessment tools help to lay the ground work for the process.  Audience: Leadership Management, Safety Management.  Upon completion of the training session, participants will receive a Training Certificate (Travel Expenses additional).


4. Just Culture – Not As Simple As It Seems: This half-day course delves into the three behaviors associated with Just Culture--human error; at risk behavior; and reckless behavior.  It explores how we humans think about risk and the appropriate way to manage these behaviors in the workplace.  Audience: Leadership Management, Safety Management.  Upon completion of the training session, participants will receive a Training Certificate (Travel Expenses additional).


Level 3 Packaged Programs

Benefit contributions may vary based on size of operation.  Software subscriptions are eligible for the introductory first year only. 


1. SMSlite™ Safety Management Software: Designed for organizations that meet the ICAO/FAA SMS standards. Program includes implementation of an easy-to-use solution for capturing, analyzing and distributing safety data with the ability to truly customize forms and provide real-time reporting. Baldwin's advanced technology is updated weekly based on client feedback and regulatory requirements.  Baldwin's latest enhancement includes the QuickRisk™ Safety Profile - a real-time automated safety data compilation providing seamless tracking. 


2. SMSprime™ Comprehensive SMS Program, including complete set of customized manuals: Holistic SMS program based on ICAO/FAA SMS standards that is designed for organizations wanting to raise the bar on efficiency and efficacy with their safety program.  Includes all required compliant manuals, tools and support with initial and on-going customization and maintenance of the manuals, as well as SMS training, Audit preparation and support, and Fatigue Risk Management.


3.  SMS – From the Top Down

This NBAA PDP approved course will acquaint participants with the principles of SMS, and help them to transform their current safety program into a fully functioning, living, breathing SMS.  This course is designed from a leadership perspective, and will be of interest to management, flight/maintenance personnel, and safety officers who wish to further develop a formal SMS.  NBAA will provide certificates upon completion of course.


4. Pre-Audit Support and Gap Analysis

For customers needing guidance and support in preparation for external or internal audits, Baldwin will provide expertise in the following areas:

• 1 Day on-site (US / Canada)

• Webinar/Phone Support throughout audit period.

• Audit Checklist Verification

• Comprehensive Manual(s) Review/Recommendations

• Safety Data Collection and Reporting Review/Recommendations


5. Safety Manager Support Services: Program designed to support the Safety Manager through direct onsite instruction, unlimited telephone and email-based consultations. Key attributes of this service are:

Onsite (1 day):

     • Review client’s safety program

     • Employee Interviews

     • Half day Safety Manager Workshop

     • Out briefing and Post- visit report

Ongoing Support during Benefit Period:

     • 24/7 access to BAI’s Safety Manager

     • 24/7 telephone and email support

     • Provide annual summary and assessment of client’s safety program and data. Provide recommendations for enhancing their Safety program.


6.  SMS Statement of Conformity

Baldwin’s Statement of Conformity (SOC) is a structured, non-complex approach to conforming to ICAO/FAA Part 5 SMS guidelines utilizing contemporary virtual technology in lieu of an on-site audit. Our reputation rests on the SOC being an honest and thorough assessment, by an industry certified safety professional, of the organization’s SMS maturity. This is accomplished via a web-based evaluation of the SMS and related activities to include personnel interviews, document review, and safety tool utilization. The assessment results are provided to the operator via a formal letter, that indicates the organization’s SMS performance level.  Available to organizations who are actively engaged in their SMS program.


Baldwin's offerings address all four critical components of Safety Management to their mutual clients: Prevention, Planning, Response and Recovery. This innovative concept known as SM4 brings together experts in the fields of Safety Management Systems (Baldwin Aviation) as well as other members offering safety related products and services (visit

  • Safety Management System (IS-BAO / IS-BAH)

    • What is it?

    • Why is it needed?

    • How to implement

    • What data needs to be collected?

    • How to maintain

    • What are the benefits?

  • Just Culture

    • What is it?

    • Hazard & Error Reporting

    • Expectations and Accountability

    • What are the benefits?

For further details about the SM4 Safety Program’s aviation safety resources and direct services, visit

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