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As a safety leader you are always looking for the best way to be effective and maintain an SMS to have the greatest impact on mitigating risk in your organization.


In-person, Safety Management Training has resumed. Recent sessions in Houston were successful: special thanks to our host facility GalaxyFBO! Face-to-face learning is a great way to get yourself or your team members actively engaged in safety. Baldwin is looking for a location to hold its next training. Do you have a great location?  

This two-day, in-person course is designed to review and convert theory into practical applications. Other courses offer an overview of SMS structure and theory but little in the way of “how to.” You’ll work through these sessions with tools you can use to implement and maintain an effective SMS in your workplace. The 16 modules will guide you through setting and updating policy, objectives, roles, reporting, monitoring, measuring, and communication. The goal is provide you with a plan to build a healthy and robust safety culture for your organization.   

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Practical SMS Training: 

Your Blueprint for Maximum Impact
meets IS-BAO / IS-BAH

requirements for initial and

recurrent safety manager training.  


Students will receive a certificate upon completion.

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To be announced

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Arranged when location is set

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Two-day Schedule:

Day One 

     8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Day Two

     8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Discount for 2 or more employees

from the same organization. 


Baldwin clients: $   999
Non-clients:       $1,295

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About the instructor: 

Jason Starke, PhD., is an experienced pilot, safety manager, professor, and safety advocate. He is the primary instructor at and teaches Aviation Safety Management Systems at the University of Southern California, Viterbi School of Engineering. Jason is also the Director of Safety & Product Development at Baldwin Safety & Compliance where he leads a team of dedicated safety professionals in developing and delivering safety management systems for organizations of all sizes across the globe.  

Training sessions:

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: The Basic SMS Framework
Module 3: Scope of the SMS
Module 4: Safety Policy
Module 5: Safety Objectives
Module 6: Safety Roles and Responsibilities
Module 7: Safety Reporting
Module 8: Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
Module 9: Safety Investigation and Remedial Actions
Module 10: Safety Performance Monitoring and Measurement
Module 11: Continuous Improvement and Internal Evaluation
Module 12: Safety Training and Communication
Module 13: SMS Documentation
Module 14: Management of Change
Module 15: Emergency Response Planning
Module 16: Safety Culture and Engagement

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