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We Give Back & Promote Aviation

As entrepreneurs with the ultimate goal of saving lives, we have always believed it is important to give back to the community who gave Baldwin the opportunity to succeed.  Some of these efforts include:

  • Providing an SMS webportal to select non-profit educational organizations at no cost

  • Actively participating on Safety Committees (NBAA, HAI, ICAO)

  • ICAO PS3 program

  • HAI SMS selected provider

  • Volunteering as facilitators and trainers at industry safety events

  • Acting as advisors to aviation start-ups

  • Supporting the RedTail Flight Academy with software and a Safety Manager mentor  (learn more) 

  • Mentoring young adults whose goal is to become a pilot through the Boys & Girls Club of America

  • Sponsoring safety focused aviation organization conferences such as Flight Safety, ASPA, NBAA, AMTC, SOCAL, etc.

  • Scholarships at Universities, mentoring Boys and Girls Club members who are passionate about aviation, sponsorships at various aviation related events, and a privately funded Scholarship fund in honor of Donald A. Baldwin are just a few of the ways  we help people who want to become a part of our aviation community.


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