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Cultivating Safety Culture

Released Sept. 2023

Discover the key to organizational safety excellence with our comprehensive white paper, "Cultivating Safety Culture: A Deep Dive into Fostering, Measuring, and Enhancing Organizational Safety" written by Dr. Jason Starke. This in-depth exploration unveils the challenges organizations face in fostering and assessing safety culture. Learn how to overcome cultural inertia, leadership obstacles, and resistance to change while gaining insights into effective measurement techniques. Explore real-world cases showcasing the benefits of safety culture services through benchmarking, demographic analysis, and industry trends. Don't miss your chance to uncover the path to a safer, more successful organization. 

 Measuring Your Organization’s Safety Engagement

Released Jan. 2022

In this white paper, Jason Starke explains safety culture as an attribute of organizational culture, how organizations can evaluate their safety culture, and actions that can be taken to improve the safety culture within the organization. Some topics that are covered include what safety  culture is and is not, the role safety culture plays in a healthy SMS, and methods for effectively measuring safety culture. Also discussed are some of the findings from a study involving 800 safety culture survey respondents administered in 2021.

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