Customizable Programs to fit YOUR needs.

With flexible, scalable SMS/QMS software and aviation safety credentialed staff, Baldwin is able to create programs designed around your operation's needs.  This is how we are able to support the safety, operational, regulatory and emergency response needs of operators such as Commercial, Non-Commercial, Medical Transport, Public Services, and Ground Operations.  For those clients needing support across divisions (i.e., Flight; Line; and Maintenance), we can design your program to work seamlessly across the company.  As our clients' needs expand, so do our offerings:  FOQA/FDM; ASAP/ASIAS and Document Management are some of the add-ons we have developed to simplify the entire process.

We have been told time and again we offer the best program available, particularly from auditors and clients who have moved from another vendor. Our credentialed staff is available 24/7 to support you. and our incredibly flexible, ever-expanding software will far exceed your expectations.  We've developed a series of programs depending on YOUR organization's operational and regulatory needs. 

FBOs and MROs should have a solid SMS in place - for safety first, followed by marketing advantages. Although not yet required, many FBO and MRO clients are demanding an SMS.  As an IBAC I3SA registered company, Baldwin can help you implement a Safety Management program and/or become IS-BAH registered. 

From supporting the University of Southern California Viterbi School to law enforcement, Baldwin provides the means to include UAS operations seamlessly into their existing SMS or, if you are new to UAS operations, we will build an SMS that fits your mission types.

Baldwin has been entrusted to support Homeland Security - Customs Border Patrol, State and Local Law Enforcement, and Fire Fighting operations.  We honor these services by offering a Public Service discount to those organizations.

Regulations are changing daily.  For example, Baldwin is already prepared to meet the FAA's recent movement to the FAA Safety Assurance System (SAS).  As we learn of these changes, we make them available to our client base so that they can be customized to meet THEIR organization's operational and regulatory needs.  

From organizations with one aircraft to hundreds, our Transport program offers features such as OCC/OCS requirements with 3-way Pilot Notifications and meets industry specific needs such as customizable sets of CAMTS and NAAMTA IEPs.  We are the leading provider of safety programs to Emergency Transport aircraft.

Ambulances, firefighting support vehicles, and trucking also need safety monitoring.  Our proprietary software allows for creating a program for your specific missions, regions and unique requirements.  Every organization is different and Baldwin's system was built understanding there are no two organizations alike.

Airports are an integral part of the National Airspace System.  Baldwin's Airport Risk Management System (ARMS)  program easily adapts to any airport operation, identifies risks and provides an easy way to capture and manage safety issues.  Baldwin's SMS program is built around the needs of specific airports.

Clients can now manage their FDM/FOQA programs under one umbrella further enhancing their safety program. Through Baldwin's proprietary software coupled with an advantageous program with TruthData™, our clients now experience the expertise required for professionally analyzing and reporting FDM data in a customized fashion.

FAR121 Air Carriers

Small regional and cargo air carriers look to us to keep them compliant. Most recently, Baldwin quickly adapted to conform with the FAA  Safety Assurance System (SAS) requiring specialized tools and processes. Baldwin's programs were designed to easily meet the FAA's stringent SMS requirements.  Experienced on-staff professionals provide on-going compliance and safety support to our clients.

Baldwin offers clients the ability to have a direct agreement with FAA/Baldwin for anonynous ASAP/ASIAS reporting through the Baldwin Application to  enjoy the protection the FAA now permits for these participants.  Baldwin also has an alliance with the Air Charter Safety Foundation where clients can utilize the Baldwin software while enjoying the ERC support from ACSF.  Baldwin supports these programs under one umbrella eliminating burdensome third party software applications.